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Regional Heritage Food Brand

A Heritage Food Brand Program

April 2014 Update: Stay tuned for recent progress and new developments! 

The objective of the "Santa Cruz Valley Harvest" Heritage Food Brand Program is to assist local producers, restaurants, and grocers with their marketing by utilizing a catchy brand name and logo that consumers can recognize as a trademark for local, fresh, heritage foods. 
Heritage foods are “locally produced foods tied to the region’s history and cultural identity.” These include wild desert food products, traditional Native American and historically cultivated crops, cuisines that are culturally unique to the region, and modern crops that continue the agricultural traditions of the Santa Cruz Valley. The Santa Cruz Valley, our region of focus, includes the watershed of the Santa Cruz River in Pima and Santa Cruz counties. 
The Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance has conducted a series of stakeholder input meetings to gather feedback on the need and benefits of creating a regional food brand. As a result of these meetings, the Heritage Alliance has developed a strong partnership with local producers, restaurants, food-related non-profits, and other locally-owned businesses. Coordinated by the Heritage Alliance, the food “brand” will promote locally-grown food and support the traditional farming and ranching economy of the region by building community connections betweens growers, retailers, and consumers. 
With the feedback from the stakeholder meetings with producers, chefs, and consumers, the Heritage Alliance created the food brand “Santa Cruz Valley Harvest: The fresh taste of our heritage.” 
The brand logo will be used to mark local food packages, grocery displays, farm stands, and restaurant menu items, which will increase consumer awareness of traditional native crops and other locally grown foods and their history in the region. Use of the food brand will assist local producers with their marketing needs and help local consumers know they are getting Santa Cruz Valley fresh foods.  The food brand complements our recently published Local & Heritage Foods Directory.   
To participate in the Heritage Food Brand Program and benefit from the marketing materials on the which the brand logo is featured (posters, menu inserts, table-top displays, banners, stickers, use of jpg of brand logo, etc.), members will be committed to purchasing local ingredients directly from local sustainable producers throughout the region. This helps preserve the agricultural varieties native to the region, supports a healthy local economy, and reduces the environmental costs of long distance transportation of foods. 

The Canyon Country Fresh Network from northern Arizona is one of several successful branding initiatives that will serve as a model for the development of the Santa Cruz Valley Harvest food brand program. Check out these other great examples of successful food brands: Vermont Fresh Network. Buy Fresh Buy Local.
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