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Local & Heritage Foods Directory

Local & Heritage Foods Directory: A guide to producers, grocers, restaurants and farmers’ markets throughout the Santa Cruz Valley and southeastern Arizona.   

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The Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance is pleased to present this Local and Heritage Foods Directory for the Santa Cruz River Valley and southeastern Arizona. This project is ongoing and we look forward to building upon this initial listing as more grocers and restaurants feature local and heritage foods.  Your decision to buy local, place-based foods helps to support local food security, stimulate heritage-based economic development, improve healthy eating habits, and preserve cultural food traditions. 

Heritage food: locally produced food tied to the region's history and cultural identity.  Includes traditionally grown Native American crops, foods that are culturally traditional and unique to this region, foods that grow in the wild and are unique to the Sonoran or Chihuahuan deserts. 

Local food: food produced in the Santa Cruz River Valley (Pima and Santa Cruz counties), and Cochise and Graham counties.


* Links to websites are provided for our Heritage Business Members. Learn more about becoming a business member. 

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This local and heritage foods directory was made possible by a grant from the Tohono O’odham Nation.  Thank you for your support!